‘The most impressive picture in the Bomberg tradition on display [at the “Young Contemporaries” exhibition, RBA Galleries, 1959] is Dennis Creffield's “Landscape: Greenwich”. The restless shapes of the jagged brush-strokes settle down into a clear precise luminous structure ...’

— David Sylvester, critic, author of Magritte’s catalogue raisonné, 1959

‘The difference in mood between Leeds  and Brighton is amazing. The dourness and grandeur of big cities like London and Leeds replaced by this skittish, singing town. It released me’ 

— Dennis Creffield, 2005

‘Creffield's work became more light, airy, and – an unusual quality, especially in post-war figurative art – joyous.’ 

— Martin Gayford, author of Modernists and Mavericks, 2015

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